Salius Tech

Our Mission is simple..

To Connect the Dots Between Patients and Clinical Success

See how fast your trial can come to successful completion with easy to access pre-qualified subjects

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Reach the untapped majority

Most people are simply unaware of the benefits of clinical trials or even how to get involved. Our non-study-specific online advertising is running on tens of thousands of general interest websites around the clock…

Our unique approach complements traditional recruitment methods – and can be put to work for yourstudy completely risk-free.

Too many research sites fail to enroll even a single patient.

Nearly 40% of the U.S. pharma budget is allocated to clinical trials and it all relies on study subjects.

$1400/per participant is the average amount spent on failure to enroll due to poor screening practices

Marketing Agency

Pay Only for Patients Who Enroll – That's It.

Clinical trials have a patient recruitment problem. That’s nothing new. There hasn’t been a concrete solution to fix that problem, until now. We are working on being the change that the industry needs to bridge the gap with our unique patient acquisition and pre-screening technology.

The process is simple when you have the end goal in mind…..

Helping Those in Need

Salius Tech engages potential subjects through education, communication, and a genuine desire to help people in need. All of our communications with subjects are HIPAA compliant, secure, and follow strict ethical guidelines…

Salius Technologies is

Readily Available

With our unique patient acquisition and pre-screening technology, every participant we connect with sites is prepped and ready to engage. We take the resource risk and let the researchers do what they do best.